Astronomy, Planets and Stars

Welcome to our site that is all about the stars, planets, and astronomy. All of which are closely related and very intriguing topics. This site is comprised of a lot of information that is meant to increase the interest in these subjects as they are so important to mankind. Some of the posts here include:

Astronomy and Health

There is a very intriguing post called Beyond the Stars. The information here talks about the relationship between the study of stars and diseases like cancer. It may seem strange to link these two topics. However, the post will explain this. It is extremely interesting.

Into to the Galaxies

To really understand how massive the universe is the post concerning the galaxies will help with this. All too often, we develop tunnel vision and don’t realize that there is much more to the heavens than what the eye can see.

The Black Holes

Every once in a while, this is a subject that becomes a topic for the media to cover. Here there is an introductory post about what these are. Readers will come away with a greater understanding of this, which will help them in the future when there is more media coverage about them.

Fun Learning

There are many different ways that anyone can learn more about the topics covered here. There are different types of educational games that can be enjoyed by all age groups. You will enjoy the post that we have here about this as it gives some great examples.


A very exciting and interesting way to learn more about the stars, and planets and the solar system, for example, is with the use of simulators. The post here will give some examples of this.

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