About Us

There are not too many people who will say that the galaxy which we share is not impressive. At the very least, the magnificent beauty of the stars is a big attraction. There is much more to the universe than the stars.

Our Intent

This site intends to bring some attention to these facts. Specifically, some interesting posts about the stars and astronomy which affect all of the planets that exist.

One of our purposes is to create a general interest, but we also feel there is an equally important need for a site such as this. There have been significant advancements made in the study of astronomy, all of which are important to mankind. These studies have been carried out by highly trained scientists and astronomers, along with very advanced equipment. Without these, there would be no studies. These astronomers, as they age and retire, need to pass on the torch of education and research to young dedicated graduates who will take up where they are leaving off. Hopefully, a site such as this will encourage some of those who read it also to become involved in the study of astronomy on some level. Whether it be to study the stars or to develop new and exciting equipment, it is all important.

Stars and the Medical Industry

There is an exciting selection of posts here which cover a lot of different information. For example, there is one that is dedicated to how the study of stars is benefiting scientists in the medical industry.

The Galaxies

We intend to provide a lot of information here about the topics we have chosen. There is a post which explains what the galaxies are.

Something Ominous

Outer space has often been the environment for many horror films. In reality, what has been discovered to date is that there is much to the universe, which is critically important to the survival of mankind. However, actuality also does show that there is something ominous in outer space, which are the black holes. This is a term that many people have heard, but have minimal understanding of. This site wanted to be sure that individuals could gain a better knowledge of these.

More Fun

For those who just want to learn about astronomy in a general way, there are some great ways to do this. We hope that readers will encourage their kids to take part in some of the games which are available concerning these topics.

Advanced Learning

One of the many things which we wanted to bring to the attention of readers is that there are excellent learning opportunities when it comes to the stars and galaxies. This can be done without having to become involved in years of study.