Everyone has their own thoughts as to what the stars mean to them. For scientists, they are intriguing objects to be studied. For many people, they are just something to be admired because of their beauty. For others, they are believed to be the roadmap for their destiny. Among all of these, there is another purpose which the study of stars has created.

Tools of the Astronomer

Many factors have contributed to the significant advancements which have been made in regards to what has been learned about the stars. A great deal of heartfelt thanks has to go to the many scientists who have the knowledge and expertise needed to study these. Then, not to be forgotten, are the many tools that have allowed them to use their knowledge in the most effective ways. One of the most notable being the Hubble Space Telescope named after one of the most brilliant astronomers, Edwin Hubble.

The Development of Techniques

Astronomers have the task of developing the best techniques to utilize the resources which they have to work with. There is a bonus to this. Aside from the value of these techniques for the studying of the stars, some of them are being used in other areas that are incredibly beneficial to mankind.

A lot of the studies which astronomers have to participate in is the study of light, which includes the detection of it, then analyzing it. What has been discovered, is that light goes through different processes, and how it reacts in space, is very similar to how the human body reacts to it.

Diagnosis of Cancer

Thousands of women are diagnosed with breast cancer every year. Early diagnosis is the key to survival. It is known that a form of calcium creates deposits in the breast tissue. Scientists have discovered that the computer codes which are used for studying how stars are formed, can also be used to help find these deposits in the breast.

This is just one example of how the study of light in regards to the stars could also have a dual purpose in the way light affects human tissue. As more studies are carried out concerning these two correlations, many scientists believe there will be even more beneficial discoveries. In the future, it could mean that biopsies for detecting cancer will no longer be needed. Perhaps some of the techniques and tools which astronomers use will be employed for many more medical purposes.