One of the most intriguing topics to study is the solar system. This is something that draws the attention of both the young and the old. There are many tools and resources available to help those interested in this topic to learn more about it.

Tools and Resources

If a person really wants to become serious about studying the solar system, then eventually they are going to have to invest in some relatively expensive equipment. Before reaching that point, one has to be sure that this topic is one that is going to retain its interest for the student. There are tools and resources that can act as an introduction to the solar system. After using these, the student can then decide whether they want to continue the study of the solar system more intensely.


For kids who are just beginning to show an interest in the solar system, there are a lot of fun games they can play that are highly educational. Some examples of these are:

  • Galactic Explorer
  • Unscramble the Clouds
  • Black Hole Rescue

Many of these games and more can be found and played at the NASA Space Place.


Stepping up to the next level of solar system study from the games would be making use of simulators. Simulators create a more life-like experience. They are used in many different industries like the gambling industry, for example. Playing the slots like those found at Unibet NJ USA is a form of simulation as they often mimic the themes that they are representing.

learning how to work with the use of simulators when studying the solar system gives the student a better idea as to what to expect when they advance their studies. They will feel more familiar with the many different types of equipment that they will have to use during their studies.

Types of Solar System Simulators

With access to the internet, anyone interested in experiencing a simulator can do so. For example, there are several simulators available that are comprised of 3D models of the system in the night sky. Users of these simulators will get a first glimpse as to what they will see when using astronomy equipment.

For many, these simulators take the student to a whole new level of excitement. When they start using their own equipment, they are in control of what they want to look at. With the simulators, on the other hand, the views are restricted to what the simulator wants to enhance.


For those who do not want to go to the extent of studying the solar system, there are some interesting ways to enjoy it. Of course, one can always just go outside on a starry night and enjoy looking at the stars. To enhance this experience, there are apps now that can be downloaded and installed on smartphones. These apps will detect what specific galaxy the viewer is seeing and give the names of them. This is a quick, fun and easy way for an individual to expand their knowledge about the stars.